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Still, the Globe didn’t lose all of its value at once. In 2010, when entrepreneur Aaron Kushner came calling only to be turned away by Times Co. management, a sale would likely have fetched $120 million in the view of media appraiser Kevin Kamen. By February of this year, he’d adjusted his estimate down to $63 million, just $7 million off the actual price Henry paid. (Kamen was similarly on target in guessing how much Tribune Co. would sell Newsday for; Cablevision CVC +5.2% paid $650 million for it in 2008.) Jeff Bercovici, Forbes

Kevin Kamen, a media appraiser at Kamen & Co. Group Services in Uniondale, NY correctly predicted as far back as 2010 that a buyer would be willing to pay $42 million to $51 million for The Journal . . .”They paid about $4 million to $5 million more than they should have,” Kamen told . . . Kamen suggested GateHouse was motivated to pay a premium in part to ensure a competing newspaper chain didn’t get The (Providence) Journal instead. Ted Nessi, Reporter, WPRI 12 /
“Kevin Kamen works relentlessly. Whenever he speaks about the publishing business or companies, I pay close attention.” Paul Tash (Mr. Tash is Chairman of the Pulitzer Board and Chairman/CEO of the Tampa Bay Times)

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“Kevin Kamen is one of the world’s best known and most prolific brokers of media properties and companies.” Gypsy C. Gallardo, CEO/Publisher, The Power Broker Magazine, St Petersburg, Florida